Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cook Sweet Potatoes Grill

Cook Sweet Potatoes Grill
  • Grilling is a national pastime in the United States that brings together family and friends over a good meal. There are many foods and recipes for the grill including sweet potatoes  that can be prepared easily and served.
Aluminum foil
Sweet Potatoes

  • Select your sweet potatoes and clean them. You will do this by choosing the potatoes that are firm to the touch and have a relatively smooth exterior surface. Clean them by gently rubbing the sweet potato skin while rinsing them off.
  • Poke the potato with a fork. A few stabs to allow ventilation if you are grilling the potato whole should relieve some of the pressure when cooking (so it won't explode) and also allow it to warm in the center more evenly.
  • Wrap the sweet potato in aluminum foil or chop it into slices (if you are not cooking it whole). Be sure to press the foil as flush as possible to the potato's surface. When chopping the sweet potato into slices be sure not to cut them too small if you intend to place them directly on the grill (so they won't fall through the grate).
  • Grease the grill lightly and place the slices of sweet potato on directly (if chopped) or place the wrapped potato on the grill. Allow the potato slices to stay in one spot after placing it on the grill directly for perfect grill marks, flipping only once.
  • Cook the sweet potatoes for at least 45 minutes if whole and for five 5 to 10 minutes if in slices. Grill marks will form on the slices when they are ready to be flipped, be careful not to drop them between the grill when flipping.
  • Check to see if the sweet potato is done by poking one with a fork, toothpick or knife. The utensil used will pass with minimum resistance into the sweet potato when it is finished cooking. Bend a small amount of the foil back in order to avoid small pieces of foil from breaking off into the potato when checking it whole.
  • Let the foil, or slices, cool before serving or opening the foil. Remove the sweet potatoes from the aluminum foil if grilling it whole and serve.

Tip : Add seasoning or butter in the the foil with the potato if you wish to add flavor.
Warning : Never leave open flames or grill unattended when in use.


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